SPIDERnet Spy is the free all-in-one debug and simulation tool for the programmer and the user. Connect yourself through the network to a SPIDERnet server and browse, log and change you SPIDERnet variables.

In the SPIDERnet-Spy variables browser you can see all information about the variables, which includes name, location, type, registered clients, number of change, current value and more.

Additionally, all changes of variables can be tracked and optionally altered in their value. In this way SPIDERnet-Spy is ideal to find errors and to simulate all kinds of environments. Using SPIDERnet-Spy, you can develop and debug your applications without existing hardware or communication members. The counterpart station can be easily simulated through manipulation of the variables.

With SPIDERnet-Spy you can keep the overview and the control of your SPIDERnet server. You can list all registered communication participants and retrace them with the help of their IP address.

You can access your SPIDERnet server via SPIDERnet-Spy from anywhere in the network / internet.



  • visualization of all SPIDERnet variables with their information (name, path, type, SPIDERnet ID, owner of the variable, the consumer variable, number of changes and value)
  • browsing all clients on the SPIDERnet server
  • trace variable values live
  • follow changes of the variables
  • universal debugging
  • simulation of clients
  • access to SPIDERnet server from anywhere in the network / internet
  • direct change of values
  • direct access to all variables