It has never been so easy to send an SMS! The SMS link tool allows you to be informed of every important occurrence in your automation system via SMS - worldwide.


Every client can send an SMS in the SPIDERnet automation environment by writing on a variable and therefore reaching a recipient group which is predefined by the user. Different recipients from different distribution groups of optional source identifiers can be addressed in the SMS-Link. Everything is freely configurable by the user!


There is no additional GSM hardware needed. The SMS is being automatically sent via smstrade with an eligible priority of the SMS-Link transmission. All you need to do is to create an account on smstrade. You can freely select your payment method on smstrade (prepaid, credit card,...).


As a multi-client interface, the SMS Link can be used simultaneously by several clients, such as PLC, PC or Message Manager.



  • immediate worldwide notification about occurences in the automation system
  • freely selectable priority and source identification of the SMS
  • send SMS by writing only one variable
  • through distribution groups, multiple receivers are assignable to a message
  • multi-client interface (simultaneous use by multiple clients)