The MessageManager is the central messaging interface in the SPIDERnet system. At this point all system and logging messages come together and are stored, visualized and, if necesarry, transferred. The message for the clients can be confirmed via return channel.


It is only the message number of the particular clients that is published in the SPIDERnet system. Afterwards the MessageManager translates it with the help of a message database into a country-specific clear text and shows it to the user in a tabular form. These messages can also contain a dynamic part such as, for example the balance at account queries.


In addition to that, any message can be forwarded to a specific group of people via Mail-Link or SMS-Link. Therefore important messages can reach their addressee when they are on the move.



  • visualization of all system messages and log messages
  • all messages have a system timestamp
  • storage of system messages and log messages in log files
  • central message database for managing own (country-specific) messages
  • messages can contain a dynamic component
  • back channel to confirm the clients
  • send messages automatically via email or SMS (by linking Mail-Link or SMS-Link)