It never was so easy to send an email! The Mail-Link tool allows you to be informed of every important event in your automation system via e-mail.


In the SPIDERnet automation environment, each client can send an email to a user predefined recipient group by writing to a variable. In Mail-Link different recipients can be notified of arbitrary email addresses in different routing groups. Everything is freely configurable by the user!


Mail-Link supports SMTP and also sending emails directly. As a multi-client interface, the mail link can be used simultaneously by multiple clients, such as PLC, PC or Message Manager.



  • immediate notification on events in the automation system
  • email via an account of your choice
  • send e-mail by writing only one variable
  • multiple receivers can be assigned to a message, because of distribution groups
  • multi-client interface (simultaneous use of multiple clients)
  • SMTP and direct mailing