DAQ100 ³ is the all-in-one solution for the conception and output of process data for an automation solution in hard real time.

The product offers the possibility to capture 100 channels with 100 Hz maximum sampling rate at 100% configurability.

The applied DAQ Controller processes all I / O variables deterministically and pre-scales them as SPIDERnet variables.

All I/O channels of the DAQ unit can be projected as a variable in SPIDERnet and therefore be used again in an automation solution for a variety of purposes (visualization, data recording, forwarding it to other devices, change in value of other devices, ect).

DAQ 100 ³ consists of a hardware module, which forms possible connections with different sensors and actuators, and its software components, provided to process the recorded sensory data.


The package includes:


  • DAQ-Unit (interface to sensors/actuators)


  • SPIDERnet-Server (communication server)
  • SPIDERnet-Spy (debugging tool)
  • PLCC (PLC-Connect, router application between DAQ unit and SPIDERnet-Server)
  • DAQ-Manager (configuration- and visualization tool)



  • freely configurable (any channel types)
  • max. 100 Hz sample rate
  • each channel is individually configurable
  • live visualization of the process data
  • channels are available as SPIDERnet variables (easy further processing)