Serial Link is the open interface to connect an optional serial device to the SPIDERnet server. The serial interface, whether local, serial USB or TCP/IP serial converter, is shown with two variables on the SPIDERnet server. Thus, you can communicate with any device that has a serial interface. To communicate via the serial interface the two variables can be used by any number of clients on SPIDERnet server.


Only simple commands are written and received in the variables. The termination and accumulation of the messages is controlled by Serial Link. The customer can choose the termination sequence himself!


Serial Link allows you to connect your application with a device by using serial communication - even over a large spatial distance. Therefore you can use freely available TCP / IP serial converters, like the Lantronix UDS1100. This allows you to connect an optional  number of virtual serial interfaces with your application.



  • project any serial device as SPIDERnet variable
  • automatic message accumulation
  • freely selectable messaging termination sequence in ASCII or HEX
  • maximum buffer size of the stream adjustable
  • simultaneous access by multiple clients to a serial port
  • create optional numbers of virtual serial ports
  • can be used for all port types (local, serial USB or Remote Port like Lantronix UDS1100)
  • optional serial interface (RS232/485/422)


Download Serial Link

Download TCP Serial-Bridge