PROFIBUS-Link is the generic interface to connect your PROFIBUS-DP installation with SPIDERnet. You can effortlessly project copies of the process of your PROFIBUS-DP-Slaves on freely configurable SPIDERnet variables via drag and drop.


The only requirement for the hardware implementation is a free PB-DP/TCP/IP-Converter FNL by the company COMSOFT GmbH The PB-DP/TCP/IP-Converter allows it to overcome large spatial distances by using the SPIDERnet technology. Furthermore it is possible to access the PROFIBUS installation via internet.


PROFIBUS-Link offers numerous functions to optimize your process line, e.g. data-type-mapping, linearization polynomial or rescaling of the raw values. With the SPIDERnet server the PROFIBUS member can image every bit as a variable. The only thing required is the GSD file of the devices.


You control your PROFIBUS installation by specifying the sampling rate individually. In addition to that you have the option to update variables only when a change occurs.



  • drag and drop configuration of PROFIBUS at SPIDERnet variables
  • specifying a sampling rate or update of the variables on change
  • free data type mapping (each bit can be imaged as a variable)
  • linearization polynomial for each variable available
  • rescaling of the values
  • connection to the PROFIBUS-DP over a large spatial distance