The DAQ Manager is the tool for the easy management of any optional number of configurations for DAQ units. It provides the ability to create, change, read or write the configurations of the DAQ units.

With the help of catalogue-based and automatic channel detection the configuration of a complete DAQ unit is managed in a few clicks. Furthermore, it is possible to add and automatically identify new channels to the existing configuration without overwriting it.

The access to the DAQ unit is performed over TCP/IP via SPIDERnet.

Additionally the DAQ Manager offers an automatically generated visualization feature, which allows it to show all channels of the DAQ unit with live values. All output values can be changed on-the-fly, and therefore be immediatly operated on the particular regulation outcome.

The DAQ Manager consists of two main components, the configurator and visualization. A DAQ unit can be completly configured and parameterized in the configurator. The visualization is generated completky automatically without configuration.


Features of the configurator:

  • an optional number of DAQ units is manageable
  • configure up to 100 channels per DAQ unit (digital-inputs, analog-inputs, digital-outputs, analog-outputs, frequency-inputs)
  • each channel is individually configurable
  • automatic recognition of all connected channels of the DAQ Unit
  • catalogue-based automatical and manual configuration
  • upload of an existing configuration of the DAQ unit into the DAQ Manager
  • download of a created configuration to the DAQ Unit
  • save the configuration at your PC
  • change the IP address without extra tools
  • each channel is automatically provided as SPIDERnet variable and can be used for multiple applications (clients)


Features of the visualization:

  • completly automatic generating without configuration
  • shows all channels of the DAQ unit
  • all data are shown live
  • initial values of each channel can be changed on the fly